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NIC Configurator 2018
Standardize NIC advanced settings and inventory ethernet adapters on groups of domain computers. (Learn More)

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MCSE 2012


Microsoft System Center 2016




Directors and Managers of Information Technology departments can get quite an efficiency boost by contracting My Tek Support to architect a Microsoft System Center environment.

  • Configuration Manager, Virtual Machine Manager, Operations Manger,Sharing Information End Point Protection, and Orchestrator.
  • System Center allows for better standardization, faster operating system and application installs, monitoring, patching, Microsoft updates, virtual machine management, and troubleshooing SQL database applications.
  • Let us get you started by architecting and implementing a System Center solution for your database, application, and infrastructure teams.

My Tek Support would like to create a more efficient IT Operations environment for you and your staff, so call right now.  The systems we architect and support are friendly and we are friendly too.









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