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NIC Configurator 2013

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$5.00 per computer access license (100 minimum)

Current Ethernet Adapter Settings


The following operating systems are supported:
         - Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, Windows Server 2012, 2008, 2003, 2000 (64-bit or 32-bit)
NIC Configurator 2013 runs in an Active Directory domain environment and requires modifying Group Policy.

    - NOTE: Read the NIC Configurator Installation and Usage document before using product. [MS WORD | PDF]





NIC Configurator 2013
NIC Configurator 2013

Current Ethernet Adapter Settings Dialog Box


Displays your requested active directory computers with their associated network adapters.  In the screen shot to the left, notice the selected computer named "GOLD" has two network adapters named "Ethernet" and "Ethernet_2".  This allows you to identify individual network adapters in computers with multiple adapters, for changing or displaying NIC property values.

Network adapter "Ethernet_2" has been selected for GOLD and the NIC Values button has been clicked, which then shows the current property values for GOLD (Ethernet_2).  Notice by the NIC Values button in the screen shot, it shows the computer name and network interface card of the displayed property values.

Save Report
Select multiple computer NICs and then click the Save Report button to have NIC Configurator 2013 generate a Microsoft Excel or NIC Configurator 2013 report of the current network adapter settings.  Saved reports include the manufacturer name of each ethernet adapter selected.



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