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NIC Configurator 2013 Trial Download


(timestamp: 05-09-2015, 11:39:06 AM)
(size: 28,032 KB)
(version: 2013.801.01)

Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000; Windows Server 2012, 2008, 2003, 2000 (64-bit or 32-bit) all supported.

NIC Configurator 2013 Trial version:
When using the trial version, you will only be able to display and change NIC settings for the first 25 computers in each domain, sorted ascendingly. However, all features are available for use.

When purchasing NIC Configurator 2013:
For each domain where you want NIC Configurator 2013 to detect and modify advanced network adapter settings in computers, you need to purchase the correct NIC Configurator 2013 Computer Access Licenses (CALs) to cover computers in that domain.

For instance, if you have a domain called “MYTEKSUPPORT.COM” and that domain has 500 computers in its Active Directory, you need to purchase “NIC Configurator 2013” with 500 CALs, which covers the first 500 computers in that AD domain (sorted ascendingly).

If you purchase “NIC Configurator 2013” with 250 CALs for a domain that has 500 computers, NIC Configurator 2013 will be able to detect and modify advanced network adapter settings for the first 250 computers (sorted ascendingly).

Documentation: MSWORD | PDF


Added Filtering by Windows Operating System Edition to the opening menu of both NIC Configurator 2013 and Schedule Verifier 2013.

Made updates to all progress bars, Schedule Verifier 2013 task removal code, Excel report builds, added progress box for background task schedule creations.

Fixed a progress bar that continually displayed after viewing the Current Ethernet Adapter Settings text report.

Changed a notification message for scheduling Ethernet Adapter resets, updated documentation, and modified part of the construct related to scheduling Ethernet adapter resets.

Updated Schedule Verifier 2013 so that when clicking the "Remove Selected Tasks" button, there is no delay between task removals. Also, there was a problem with selecting a large number of task rows for deletion, which has been fixed.

Modified the progress bars to show percentage and changed fonts on the Current Ethernet Adapter Settings dialog box.

Updated for speed and efficiency.

Modified the wording on the Advanced Ethernet Adapter Settings dialog box in NIC Configurator 2013 to read "Filter by brand" above the dropdown list of NIC brands. Previously, the words read "Only Show".

Significantly reduced the time it takes for Schedule Verifier 2013 to query and display Task Scheduler Items from large numbers of computers.

Significantly reduced the time it takes for NIC Configurator 2013 to query and modify ethernet adapter performance settings on large numbers of computers.

Made source code efficiency changes for better filtering performance.

The pre-filled in text has been removed from the Domain Administrator field on the Advanced Ethernet Adapter Settings Dialog box in NIC Configurator 2013.  Previously this text was set to "Admistrator".

The amount of time that elapses before re-enabling an ethernet adapter after it has been disabled during the NIC reset process has been shortened to 10 seconds.  Previously, the elapsed time was 60 seconds.

Reversed part of the construct modifications documented on 01-17-2015.

Modified the construct that calls source code for handling redirection of 32/64 bit computers, enabling better performance.

Improved the source code responsible for generating reports in Microsoft Excel.

On the Advanced Ethernet Adapter Settings window, the Next button is initially greyed until a computer is selected and the username and password are entered.

Non-Windows OS computers have been eliminated from Active Directory query results and do not count against your Client Access Licenses (CALs).

Same logic correction as on 12-18-2014 but to Schedule Verifier 2013.

Corrected logic so that when using the "DOMAIN\User" notation for the user name on the Advanced Ethernet Adapter Settings dialog box, authentication is successful on remote domains.

Updated documentation to reflect the new "Finished Applying Ethernet Adapter Settings" window in NIC Configurator 2013.

Updated the picture for Schedule Verifier 2013 in the documentation to reflect the grammar corrections.

Made grammar changes to the footnote on the Schedule Verifier 2013 Report window.

Changed the logic so that after selecting or saving a NIC Policy, your original filtered computer list is displayed instead of the previously highlighted computers.

Added push button to access Schedule Verifier 2013 reports on the "Finished Applying Ethernet Adapter Settings" dialog box in NIC Configurator 2013.

New interface added to Schedule Verifier 2013.

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