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A helping hand when you need it most, My Tek Support offers Microsoft certified expertise in the area of Windows desktop infrastructure for individuals at home and for businesses alike.

Windows desktop helpdesk services include the following, and more.

  • Sharing InformationDeploying Windows desktops for your users and configuring resources such as printers, faxes, scanners and other peripheral devices.

  • Installing and configuring e-Mail on the desktop and on your mobile devices. Installing and configuring remote access, and other departmental applications.

  • Troubleshooting issues with current applications that act up. Answering your users technical questions on how to login remotely or use applications such as Excel, Word, and Outlook.

My Tek Support has the expertise necessary to help your business continue to benefit from Microsoft Windows infrastructure. Call now for support help. My Tek Support can share your screen to help get you through the day. We are friendly and helpful.





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