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Are you tired of not having departmental applications deployed consistently across your computing environment? For instance, John in your payroll department gets a new PC or has his current PC rebuilt and has called the helpdesk multiple times to have applications that are specific to the Payroll Sharing Informationdepartment added back to his computer.

Well, My Tek Support can provide you with a standardized server, desktop, and laptop image deployment process that allows customization for each of your images and then deploy these images directly to computers in your environment.

This way, all applications and configurations specific to a particular department or server group are there. This enables you to have standardized computer configurations across your entire environment without configuring each individual computer manualy.

My Tek Support has the expertise necessary to help your business continue to benefit from Microsoft Windows server infrastructure. Let My Tek Support sit down with you to discuss options you may have for costs saving, managing your IT infrastructure, and future growth.









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