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Failover Clustering




Failover clustering is a group of computers that keep your applications, file shares, virtual machines, storage, memory, and other resources highly available for use. These reources initially reside on one computer in the cluster and are automatically moved to other computers in the cluster if the computer holding those resources fails:

  • Sharing InformationLet My Tek Support create highly available virtual infrastructures for you by clustering Microsoft Hyper-V to allow physical server and Virtual Machine high availability.

  • Let us utilize Microsoft's I-SCSI Target servers in your computing environment to create a highly available and inexpensive shared storage subsystem.

  • Architecting, planning, and implementing this technology for our customers.

My Tek Support has the expertise necessary to help your business continue to benefit from Microsoft Windows server infrastructure. Let My Tek Support sit down with you to discuss options you may have for costs saving, managing your IT infrastructure, and future growth.





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