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My Tek Support was founded in February 2005 (Nevada) by President and CEO Tony E. Clegg. Tony has over 30 years Information Technology experience, has worked with every version of Windows Server, and currently holds a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert certification in Windows Server Infrastructure.

My Tek Support's mission is to provide expert and reliable Information Technology support for your business, with a focus on Windows Server infrastructure.

My Tek Support has handled computer and networking infrastructure needs for firms such as Sterling Escrow, Greater Evergreen Missionary Baptist Church, and Ventura Metals in Las Vegas, Nevada, the El Paso Independent School District, West Texas Credit Union, and for Luhrs Marketing Research and Macondo Corporation (Architects & Planners) in Chicago, Illinois.

Whether you need help creating a highly available Windows server infrastructure, active directory administration, Hyper-V virtualization, creating a site-to-site active directory replication solution, My Tek Support would be glad to help.

Let My Tek Support sit down with you to discuss options you may have for costs saving, managing your IT infrastructure, and future growth.





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